I am mostly interested in everyday typography and follow the path/legacy of the Department of Typography and Graphic Communication at University of Reading.

design History

Besides my interest in the global design history, I am specifically dedicated to contribute to the graphic design history of Turkey. My PhD thesis is a starting point for this path.

Publication Design

As a result of my passion for reading, I deeply enjoyed designing publications when I was an undergraduate student. This led me to pursue an MA degree in Book Design. This interest also continued in my PhD study, as I did research in the areas of newspaper and magazine design.

Information design

As a Reading alumni, I was surrounded by so many experts and valuable resources on the subject that sparked my curiosity. Although it is a new interest for me, I intend to create more design work and research in this area.

Typography Monologs

This is my personal blog, which is created to share random stuff about typography and personal views/works as an academic and graphic & book designer.


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